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Ordering office supplies just got a whole lot more entertaining!

Let's face it, ordering office supplies most likely isn't the highlight of your work week... 

We're about to change that by showing that ordering office supplies can not only be fun, but humerous as well!

This page is dedicated to short films created by office supply companies in an effort to make ordering office products more fun...and of course to get our customers to crack a smile every once and while. 

Although ordering supplies takes only a couple minutes with our updated E-Order online system, we hope that these videos can create a laugh that lasts throughout your whole week.  

Simply click on any of the videos listed below to play them.  

Videos are brought to you by Genuine Joe, a breakroom supply company that prides itself on meeting quality with affordable cost.  And Paper Because, a company that sees true value in continuing the common use of paper to better the workplace.

Click below and enjoy!